Month: May 2013

messy | personal

i don’t know how my life comes off to those of you who are SO KIND and take the time to read my blog. i know sometimes it seems like life is going fine and dandy, but i don’t want y’all to get the impression that my life is perfect. i try to talk about […]

movie night | giveaway

please tell me i am not the only person excited about the latest installment to the fast and furious movies. it’s an obsession. i have LOVED watching these movies since i was homeschooled. they’re just so COOL. paul walker and the rock aren’t that bad either. 😉 i remember seeing the trailer for this movie […]

do not fear | personal

sometimes i wish i were an ostrich. i wish i could be an ostrich so when something terrible happens, i could just hide my head under the sand and forget about it all. wouldn’t that be so much easier than dealing with the every-day tragedies we face? after watching some of the coverage on the […]

life’s tough | personal

“life’s tough… get a helmet.” – boy meets world so maybe i’ve been watching just a little too much boy meets world lately, but man! does that show get to ya, or what?! so naturally, when i snapped this picture, that quote was the first thing to pop up in my head. life is crazy, […]

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