Okay, so I realize it’s February hahaha. But better late than never!!! At least it’s still practically the first of

2018 goals

Okay, so I realize it’s February hahaha. But better late than never!!! At least it’s still practically the first of the year! 😉 I had this post almost finished at the first of the year, but never got around to finalizing it. So here we are! 😉 hahaha. 


2017 Goals 

  • honeymoon in MexicoMexico was a learning experience, but still super fun! 
  • travel to NYC I’d love to go see Anastasia while I’m there! Justin and I talked, and I’m hoping it can be my Christmas/birthday gift! ???? We made this happen and it was a blast! 
  • book a tropical destination wedding – still hoping this will happen one day! *fingers crossed*
  • photograph a session in NYCYES!!! I got to get Jen and Gino in front of my camera at the Brooklyn Bridge and it was incredible!!! 
  • book 15 weddings for 2017I photographed 9 amazing couples and it was perfect!!! 
  • Bridal Guidestill didn’t happen! Pulling for this year! 😉 
  • Pricing Guidemade it happen thanks to Limefish Studio!!! 
  • Take Ariel to See Shawn Mendes – we did it! I felt a little out of place, bc helloooo, I’m like, a decade older than all those children, but it was still fun! 😛  
  • Make Personal Photo Albums – this has GOT TO HAPPEN this year! 
  • Decorate Master Bedroom – it’s going to happen this year!  
  • Redo Master Bathroom (floor, shower, paint, etc.) – see above ^^
  • Styled Shootwe did two and it was so much FUN! 
  • Read 12 books – I read ONE book! And maybe half of another book!  
  • Stay diligent in my bullet journalwell, I did this journal for about 4 months, and then discontinued this! hahahaha. 
  • Exercise 3-5 times a week – I did really well with this right up until September! Whoops! 
  • photograph a session at Burnside Farms during tulip seasonI got to visit this farm, but the session I had planned ended up getting canceled. Wahh!!! There’s always this year! Any takers?! 
  • host another workshop I hosted 2 guided styled shoots instead and I LOVED it! 
  • photograph a wedding at The Mill at Fine Creek I did not get to photograph a wedding there in 2017, BUT I DO GET TO PHOTOGRAPH A WEDDING THERE IN 2018!!! YAY EDINA AND SETH! 🙂 
  • do an engagement session in Disney World – still hasn’t happened, but I have faith that it will happen this year! My sister works at Disney now and I can visit anytime. Let’s make it happen people! 
  • do something fun to celebrate mine and Justin’s 1-year wedding anniversary ???? – we did and it was AWESOME!!! We traveled to Utah and Arizona for a week-long, wild-west adventure! It was incredible! 

2018 Goals

  • photograph a session in Disney World – okay people! I’m visiting my sister from March 31st – April 4th!!! Let’s make this happen!!! 
  • Go on a cruise to the Bahamas – DONE! More to come on that later! 😉 
  • Do a session in Charleston – Okay! Another time I need your help, friends! I’ll be in Charleston the weekend of May 19th and would LOVE to make a session or three happen! 😉 
  • Complete my Bridal Guide – okay! I’m serious! In my “off season” I’d love to organize this task! It’d be awesome to send my brides all of this helpful information! 
  • Another fun adventure with Justin (or two, or three) – Hawaii? Yellowstone? NYC? Where will this year take us?! 🙂 
  • Do a photo session or two – wherever our adventure takes us! – Wherever we end up, I would LOVEEEE to do a photo session there! I love photographing people in new locations! It’s so inspiring and gives my creativity life! Ready to make it happen! 🙂 
  • Read at least 6 books! hahaha. More realistic, right? – while on the cruise, I finished one book I had been trying to read for 2 years! hahahaha. Sad right?! One part of self-care for me means taking time to do more things I like, like reading! 🙂 
  • Finish fixing up our house so we can hopefully sell and find a better fit for us! :) –  (master bathroom, master bedroom, update kitchen, update laundry/mudroom)
  • Travel to NYC in the fall and do a session in Central Park – Ahhh!!! I want to make this happen so bad. NYC in the fall would be EPIC!!! Who is ready for this adventure?! 
  • Commit to my Powersheets Planner – I’m still wading through the beginning pages of this book, but I’m determined to work it out! 
  • Eat out less and make more meals at home – So far, I haven’t been to Starbucks at all! That is a big deal. I’ve also been trying to bring my lunch to school more. Baby steps. 
  • Make personal photo albums – it’ll happen one of these days, right?! I need to start small and make a list of the albums I want to make, then go from there! 
  • More devotional time for Justin and I together – not to get churchy on anyone, but I know for our marriage, we need to keep Jesus at the center of it and spending more time in the Word together would be a good thing for us! 
  • Date-night once a week – (even if it just means eating dinner at the table vs. in the living room) ahaha
  • Make a session happen at the Tulip Farm for REAL this time – okay people, WHO is going to make this a reality for me? 
  • Get back into a healthier lifestyle one thing I’m working on this year is self-care. I can’t give my best to others if I’m not taking care of myself. Part of that, for me, means taking care of my temple! More exercise and healthy options! 
  • Blog 2-3 times per week – I used to blog 5 times a week, then I backed off to a couple times a week. Recently I’ve been blogging some weeks and taking a break other weeks. 
  • Make vlogs! <— is this something you’d be interested in?! I’ve made a few, but wondering if I should make more?! 


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