Fixer-Upper Friday

The blog has been full of fun posts this week and I have a feeling this one won’t disappoint! Last week, I shared on my Instagram how we transformed our countertops just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m excited to share how we did that, today!

First, let me say a quick disclaimer: I am in no way a professional when it comes to home repair! I’m just a first-time home buyer and just looking for ways to update our house on a budget! 🙂

As some of you know, Justin and I officially closed on our house November 2nd. Being the crazy people we are, we decided to host Thanksgiving at our house this year. That gave us about 3 weeks to clean/get things in shape. I thought it’d be a GREAT idea to get the family room, kitchen, dining room, and hallway painted and semi-presentable before the dinner. YIKES! What was I thinking?! 😉

Well, it was a lot of work, but we survived! One of the big things we wanted to change were the countertops! How could we do that in such a short amount of time all while we were ballin’ on a budget?! Thank goodness for Google! hahaha. I searched for “painted countertops” and was pleasantly surprised by my results! Thankfully, that’s an actual thing and not just a crazy idea! People actually do it and it looks pretty good! They even make kits for it! Woohoo!!!

I searched for a kit that went best with out kitchen, bought it, and waited for it to arrive. The day it arrived I was so excited! Who gets excited to paint a countertop?! Oh the joys of being a homeowner! haha.

Here’s the KIT I used and the process below! It came with all of the materials and an instructional video too! So helpful!

I’m so excited to share this fun little home project with y’all! I feel like it really transformed the kitchen and I hope y’all like it as much as I do! 🙂 

This was the before picture from the Zillow site! Gray cabinets, yellow countertops, and pink trim = YUCK! We started working hard on the kitchen!

DIY painted countertopsStep #1: Clean and wipe down the counters, then paint the primer on. 
DIY painted countertopsStep #2: Sponge on the 3 layers of mineral paint (white, gold, and more white).DIY painted countertops_0995

Step #3: Put the final coat of sealing paint on the top! BOOM!!! Buh-bye 70’s-yellow countertop! Hello kitchen facelift! 🙂 

Here’s a good comparison of the before/after!
DIY painted countertops_0996

And finally, here are some pics from my real camera! It’s hard to believe these countertops were just updated with a little bit of paint! Gah!!! So fun!!! 🙂 DIY painted countertops_0997DIY painted countertops_0999DIY painted countertops_0998DIY painted countertops_1000


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