Month: March 2014

perfect timing | personal

have you ever gone somewhere and had something happen to you just because you were there at the perfect time? just think about it for a second. anything come to mind? i know i’ve been driving somewhere, rushing to get to where i need because i’m late, and then i saw a car accident up […]

living for the weekend #19

you guys, i did it! i survived my first weekend without social media! wooohoooo!!!! let’s throw a party! 🙂 i know, it makes me sound super pathetic and like an addict, but it’s true! i’ll admit it. i’m addicted to social media. and there were definitely times this weekend that i picked up my phone and just […]

2 weeks | personal

2 weeks of waking up every morning and not reaching for my phone to check social media FIRST THING. 2 weeks of journaling after reading my devotions (which is a BIG deal, for me!). 2 weeks of no chick-fil-a. that is a HUGE deal for me too! 2 weeks ago, i shared with y’all about […]

living for the weekend #18

so i may have been the only person in virginia wishing this, BUT i was really hoping we’d get one last snow day before spring was officially here to stay. oh well. it would’ve been nice to have a breaking bad marathon all day.  spring weather better be right around the corner and here to […]

yours truly | personal

so it’s been a while since i’ve done an “about me” post. i always get nervous posting these, because i’m like, “who really cares what i’m all about?!” haha. but alas, i’m running short on time today and this was a post i’ve had saved. lucky you! 😉 anyway, here are some fun facts about […]

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