Month: June 2014

living for the weekend #30

can i just tell you how nice it is to have the monday after a wedding OFF?! i’ve tried to balance myself out a little bit better this year! it hasn’t been easy. it’s especially hard to take off time from work in the summer haha. but i’ve needed it big time haha. i lost my voice […]

living for the weekend #29

hello, monday! so we meet again! much too soon, i might add! 😛 as always, sunday evening rolled around way  too quickly! on friday, we had our father’s day party at school (since this week we have graduation). there was so much hustle and bustle throughout the day, but it was so much fun! i loved […]

reading list | personal

contrary to what my schedule allows, i actually love to read! when i was in middle and high school, i would devour my favorite books in a day or two. i love all kinds of books! except maybe sci-fi! haha. not sure how i’d do with those! i’m still finishing up the divergent series. and even though […]

living for the weekend #28

okay, i feel like it was JUST friday! why is monday already here? i need another weekend to recuperate from this past weekend haha. this was my last “wedding-free” weekend until the end of june! i’m so glad i got to spend it hanging out with my sisters and justin! saturday, i tried to be […]

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