Month: June 2014

rest | personal

i got to sleep in until almost 10 today and it was glorious. some of you might shake your head at me and tell me my day is being wasted, but i’ll have to kindly disagree. i LOVE sleeping in. with my crazy schedule lately, i don’t get many opportunities to do it. so, you […]

priority | personal

last night i learned something in bible study that really hit me. i’ve seen it demonstrated before and it’s clicked before, but this time it’s different. i want want it to make a difference. i want to implement it in my life. i want it to take priority. see, during bible study last night, there was a demonstration with rocks. there were itty […]

grace and mercy | personal

i haven’t been as present with my personal posts lately. there are so many thoughts fumbling around in my mind, but none of the words will string together to make sense. i have so many topics i want to talk about scribbled on post-it notes. i just can’t bring myself to write them write now! haha. one […]

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